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Office Leva Capsule

Office Leva Capsule

Office Leva Capsule

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OFFICE LEVA CAPSULE Our compact espresso machine Office Leva is specially suited for capsule brewing. The new capsule system results in an easier way to serve a good espresso. Every extracted cup brings a perfect espresso to be compared to the quality of freshly ground espresso beans. It’s easy, just load the specially designed handle with one capsule, start the extraction and the espresso is perfectly prepared. Besides a good cup of espresso, a variety of milk based beverages easily can be served. This due to the machine being equipped with dual boiler system, one boiler for brewing and one boiler for steam. If you do not want to steam foam the milk yourself, the machine also can be equipped with a cappucinatore as optional fitting at £22.00 + vat. You’ll then get perfectly foamed milk, every time! Just about as simple as it gets! Office Leva Capsule has dual boiler system: one boiler for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering to the boiler. The second boiler keeps the right temperature of water for the extraction of coffee. This allows you to make coffee and use steam at any time! The PID sensor guarantees that the temperature is consistent, neither to hot, nor to cold. The machine has one steam pressure gauge and one brew pressure gauge. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Group Power Office Leva 1 Gr EB-61, 2 boilers supply 1200W/230V Boiler (litres) 1,5 + 1,5 Width mm x Depth mm x Height mm 260 x 450 x 400


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