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Installation Guide

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Installation Guide

Machine Installation
The diagram below will help you to understand your coffee machine installation and what services you will
need to put in place to make sure your site is ready for the coffee machine.
Installation Image
Please note: A grinder is only required for a traditional group handle machine, a Dispense machine or Bean to Cup machine would require all the above with the exception of the grinder power supply.
1 x Standard 13 amp plug socket is required for a 1 group or a two group coffee machine with low volume. Most dispense machines and some Bean 2 Cup machines also operate on a standard 13 amp socket.
A 20amp power supply (domestic cooker style socket) would be required for most 2 or 3 group fast boil machines. Some equipment will require 30amp or 3 phase power depending upon anticipated consumption or pressure profiling and the rating of the boilers. We would always recommend that machines are placed on a separate ring main.
A cold water supply is required for all machines with the exception of hand fill units.
Mains supply has to be from a rising main culminating in a standard washing machine isolation valve (15mm). Location wise this should be situated within 0.5 metre of the machine and ideally directly underneath.
Requirements are a 1.25" or 1.5" waste pipe with trap and 9" up stand directly below machine location. As an alternative, waste can be run into a bucket, which must be emptied regularly.
Work surface
Any work surface and sub structure should be strong enough to sustain the weight (as above), and sturdy enough not to move when group operation is taking place. 75mm diameter hole to be drilled centrally beneath coffee machine location for waste and water feed (also for power if fed from under the counter).
Our engineers are not authorised to drill access holes through the following work surfaces or cabinet structures: timber worktops, Stainless Steel, Ceramics, Corian, Granite, Stone, Marble or Glass Structures.
Please ring Coffechino on 0845 123 5585 or email
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