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Diamant Barista TCS 3Group Coffee Machine

Diamant Barista TCS 3Group Coffee Machine


Automatic espresso coffee machine with 2 groups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and 1,5 Litres separate boiler and 1200 w. for each brewing group and copper boiler with 11,5 litres capacity and 3050 w. only for two hot water tap, the three steaming pipes end for preheating the water for the separate boilers. Three steam tap, one equipped with a temperature sensor and turbo steam system. Two hot water tap. Maximum precision temperature control using PID technology. Display: advertising, automatic dosing of hot water, time management, and memorization of total brewed coffees, daily automatic switch ON/OFF of the coffee machine, control of the boiler temperature through display.

Diamant Barista TCS 3Group      2 Group Diamant Barista Specs

2 Group Diamant Keypad          2 Group Diamant Hot water tap         2 Group Diamant Steam Arm          2 Group Diamant Display



3 Group coffee machine