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Grand Cuvée Davidoff Café Crème Beans 10 x 500g


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Grand Cuvée Davidoff Café Crème Beans 10 x 500g


Davidoff Café Crème uniquely combines 100% Arabica beans from mild South American plantation coffee with the finest elegant Central American highland plants. This composition is captivating due to its unmistakeable harmonious aroma, elegant character and full-bodied flavour, thus making it a truly delicious delight. 500g foil valve bag, whole bean

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Davidoff Café Crème Beans 10 x 500g

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Davidoff Café is made from 100% Arabica beans, which can only be cultivated on exclusive mountainsides at an altitude of 3,000 to 6,000 ft. Here, the coffee fruits ripen longer and thereby develop a very fine aroma. Only these altitudes combined with a well-balanced climate of 15°C to 25°C, regular rainfall and mineral-rich, volcanic soils can generate the distinctive character and full-bodied aroma which is needed for our exquisite Davidoff Café compositions.

One of the secrets to the exquisite quality of Davidoff Café coffees lies in the complex roasting process: In order to keep the more than 800 aromas sealed within each whole coffee bean, different coffee sorts are roasted individually. Only the right balance between roasting time and the especially slow roasting process assures highest quality.

The term “Grande Cuvée” refers to a wine blend made from a variety of prestigious vintages. As with these exceptional wines, Davidoff Café Grande Cuvée is a masterful blend of different coffee beans from various selected growing regions.
His many years of experience, the extensive knowledge and passion for coffee set his compositions apart from every other coffee in the world and guarantee consistent, top quality.


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