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Brita AquaAroma Water Filter Cartridge



Brita AquaAroma Water Filter Cartridge


AquaAroma technology.

AquaAroma filter cartridges are also suitable for use in specially designed or retrofitted tank systems, and for mobile coffee machines with integrated water tank; the water is fed through the filter medium by way of gravity.
AquaAroma and AquaAroma CREMA filters specifically reduce the carbonate hardness in water and consequently prevent scale deposits. Unpleasant tastes and odours are reliably eliminated. In addition, the filter safely retains any coarse and fine particles that may be present in the water.

Areas of application:
•Coffee machines
•Tank system

Filter technology:

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Brita AquaAroma Water Filter Cartridge


Your advantages with the AquaAroma cartridge
•Reduced service costs
•Lower operating costs
•Direct distribution by the operator
•Replacing filters easily?users can easily insert a new cartridge themselves
•Used directly in the water tank

Your coffee customers enjoy
Two coffee cups under coffee machine outlet •Full flavour
•Best aroma
•Strong, stable crema
•Appetising drinks as the milk and cream do not separate