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Machine Warranty


Commercial Coffee Machine Warranty
Manufactures warranty range from 1 year to 3 years dependant on type of equipment purchased.
Warranty covers failure of machine parts due to faulty workmanship or materials.
Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear through standard machine use. Also any failure of components due to inappropriate use, negligence, or lack of cleaning, are not covered under warranty.
Warranty does not cover service calls which are the result of limescale found within the machine and Coffechino strongly recommend a water filter should be fitted to all coffee machine installations. If water filters are fitted and changed according to the manufactures recommendations, no charge will be levied in the event of limescale problems.
Service support is available for coffee machines through manufactures team of national service engineers and Coffechino engineers dependant on location. If the service call is due to component failure during the warranty period, the cost will be covered by the manufactures.
If the cause of the call is not covered by warranty as outlined above, then Coffechino will pass on the cost of the call to the customer. The manufactures assessment of machine faults and repairs required shall be final.
Manufactures extended warranties and annual service plans are available.
Coffechino also provide a service call out procedure for machines not under warranty dependant on location, which would incur a call out charge plus any labour and parts required.
We can also offer a workshop repair facility for customer wishing to bring machines to Coffechino.