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A quality coffee machine deserves only the best quality coffee ingredients. With a wide range of ingredients that cover all corners of the coffee world, there’s sure to be perfect coffee for you. Whether you wish to try the exotic coffee beans of Columbia, Africa, India or Vietnam, you may find yourself embarking on a whole new coffee experience, taking your taste buds to places that you never before thought possible.

Our 100% Columbian Filter coffee for example, offers only the best, uniquely blended coffee that the country has to offer. However, if you decided that today, you’d like to try something different, our Imporient Premium Blend Leaf Tea offers the finest blend of East African tea. Golden in colour, the tea provides a dazzling explosion of taste and elegance. And of course, if you a looking to treat yourself, we also have a wide range of cheeky hot chocolates from top brand names including Cadbury and Galaxy.

No matter which hot drink you choose, no cup of gorgeousness is complete without something sweet on the side. All our biscuits, wafers and chocolates are hand picked, to provide you with the perfect compliment to your drink. Our Callebaut Chocolate Pencils are a perfect and luxurious addition to any hot cup of coffee.

Not only does our variety contain a wide range of luxurious international coffees, but also check out our coffee ingredients that contain the Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance logos. The Fairtrade certification is an insurance to you that the people that have grown and produced your coffee, have been given a fair deal for what they produce. The Rainforest Allience logo works in a similar fashion but instead provides you with the assurance that your prized coffee beans have been grown in sustainable environments where the biodiversity of the land has been conserved.