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Fresh Brew Machines

Aside from the marvellous and addictive taste of a good cup of coffee, we drink it to freshen ourselves up and attain that much needed internal spring. What most people don’t realise however, is that you don’t need your own personal grinder for the perfect cup of coffee. Fresh Brew Machines are the perfect coffee making products designed for simplicity and environments where you can’t afford to spend all morning stood around the coffee machine. Not only are they efficient, but they can be a saviour and a great friend to any workforce driving for the big push.

With an appetising range of fresh brew machines, each one is handpicked to provide only the best quality service. If you’re worried about your budget, why not take a look at our ex display machines or consider leasing one of our machines, some of which are available for as little as £3 a day.

If you’re searching for a fresh brew machine that entwines both efficiency and choice, our Bravilor FreshMore 310, could just be the machine in your sights. With over ten different serving options, from Espresso onwards, the machine offers you a quick service that can be used time and time again without having to worry about maintenance. Also, you may be pleased to know that the machine also incorporates an energy saving system so if you’re replacing a current fresh brew machine, the Bravilor FreshMore 310 could actually help save you money.

However, it’s a well-known yet slightly disappointing fact that not everyone likes coffee. That’s why our range also includes the Vitro 5 Fresh Brew Tea machine that encompasses fine examples of alternative beverages including tea, hot chocolate and milk. With its smoked glass finish and patented in-touch interface system, the machine offers all that a quality fresh brew machine should.

To get a good idea of what machine you want, and the wide range of machines available, take a look through each one to decide just which fresh brew machine is the best one for you.