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The Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance story

The rainforest regions of South America produce much of the world’s coffee. Equality for the produces has long been an issue championed by many human rights campaigners, as larger corporations have attempted to cut them out of their fare share of the profits. To help counteract this we supply <strong>Rainforest Alliance Coffee</strong>. This is coffee that has been certified to satisfy rules set by the rainforest alliance to protect the rights & welfare of coffee workers and their communities, while protecting the environment and wildlife. When buying this coffee you can be certain that a fair share of the proceeds will find their way into the hands of farmers toiling on the coffee plantations of South America. The Rainforest Alliance also looks to the protection of the rainforest itself. As well as being ethical, <strong>Rainforest Alliance coffee</strong> has an excellent flavour that will satisfy all coffee fanatics.

Fairtrade Coffee

The <strong>Fairtrade coffee</strong> certification was created to ensure coffee farmers and their families got a better deal for their product. We are proud to provide <strong>Fairtrade coffee</strong> along with Rainforest Alliance coffee, as part of our ethical range. Another product we offer is the Children of the Andes coffee, which helps to build a brighter future for Columbian street children. The theme of all these ethical brand coffees is making sure the producer gets a fair share, rather than all the profits falling into the hands big corporations. <strong>Fairtrade coffee</strong> is sourced from around the world and has become a popular alternative to mainstream sources of coffee. The ethical range of coffee we provide at Coffechino not only ensures you are purchasing ethically but also guarantees a great tasting drink.