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Barista Training

We can offer barista training free with each traditional espresso machine purchase.

Covering the process of coffee from farm to cup with hands on interaction, espresso theory and latte art basics,even experienced baristas will find benefit from this thorough and fun introduction to coffee skills.

Barista training now available for current Coffechino customers to really get the best from their coffee and equipment.Find the extra value in offering even better quality and consistency efficient practices and beautifully presented drinks – and maybe even a little latte art!

Courses available on your premises or in the training room at Coffechino – call for a full quote.

We have three different training options at present: 1. Café Barista Training 2. Barista Refresher Training (Bespoke) 3. Bespoke Coffee Training for the Enthusiast.

1. Café Barista Training : Beginner / Intermediate Suitable for those working in coffee shops, restaurants, cafes or bars, and ideal for anyone who uses an espresso machine in the workplace, from café proprietor to catering assistant. This is ideal for new proprietors to educate themselves on their new machine, or for new staff to be trained on how to use the equipment to a consistent result

2. Barista Refresher Sessions. Need an update on your skills? Got new staff who need brushing up on your standards and methods?

3. Bespoke Training Sessions : For the coffee enthusiast, barista, or aspiring café owner. We offer a Bespoke Training Session which is unique to us and draws on our unique experience.